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MI Everything mp3 download

Choc city boss, and self acclaimed African best Rapper M.I unlocks a solid teaser and capture track which is off his highly expected Illegal Music 3 Mixtape. he titled this Track  “Everything“. And as we know, The Ace rapper never goes wrong with his punchlines and captivating Sounds. Get MI Everything Mp3 Download + lyrics here on Naijaplaylist.

MI abaga Everything mp3 Download

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on this track everything I have seen, M.I talks bout his struggles, triumphs nd the highest possibility of homies snitching on you at the littlest opportunity to gain a little cash/favor from it. There’s a message for everyone who listens to this music closely and attentively, this is music created for the soul. “Everything” was jointly produced by G-plus x MI Abaga. everything I’v learned in My life, I can try to sing you a song..

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Mi everything mp3 download + audio lyrics  



[Hook] Everything I’ve learned in my life
I can try to sing you a song
About how living is strong
And how loving is long

You could be a king for a day
The next day be in chains
Live your life ma n!gger
Let the tears wash away the stains

[Verse 1]
I have seen the paper turn a man against his maker
Started getting bread and now he don’t respect the baker

N!ggers think they landed now they tryna own the acre
I’m just walking from above as high as a Jamaican
Jesus to this rappers, watch em all forsake em
Peace I wish upon you tho, assalamualaikum
Keep my hand to myself you can never shake em
Hand is on my rifle just incase they try to take her ra

I don seen brothers turned they back against they brothers
N!ggers think I’m toast but know my bread is always buttered
Me I never eat alone my family is covered
Along with every loyal motherfucker I discovered
Gotta get a broom I got some roaches in my cupboard
If a nigga tripping I can do without the luggage
People left the family and started chatting rubbish
Gangsters move in silence I got sh!t that I can publish arh
Loyalty according to the business is established
I can never walk away and leave my people vanish
Broken hearted once but it’s alright tho I can manage
Poof to all the fake ones wish you blessings as you vanish (poof)
As we recover from the damage
CBN looked to me to show em what the plan is
Painting a classic got my brush against the canvas
Genius is so lonely cause nobody understand us arh!


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