There are couple of Different Versions of Minecraft available, And they get installed in

different modes. Today I be showing you how to find Their locations easily.

How to find Screenshots from java Versions of minecraft

For java versions, Minecraft Saves the screenshot In a screenshot directory on a section of

your main Minecraft directory.

This is one of the easiest way of finding your screenshots If you’re lost on where you saved


There is always a pop up notification each time you take a screenshot, on your desktop’s

screen. (For java versions) That you probably know.

What you might not know is that the file name is actually click able. When you click open the

file name, it navigates you to image in the photos app. From there, finding your screenshots

folder is way easy.

To do so, Click the three dots Located at the top right of your screen, And then the “file


A side bar gets opened automatically The information about the File.

Now this where you got to be a bit more eye focused.

The file location will be display mid-way Down the list. Now click on “View file location” To

open the screenshots folder, and you’re done hun. Easy does it. Now for


For vanilla minecrafts, it is installed on “C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft” by default,

you will get the screenshots folder in the “.minecraft” folder.

The launcher permits your having of different multiples Of Minecraft installs, and this comes

Very handy if you Wishes to run alot of Versions or say,  A vanilla client aling with a modded


Luckily, this screenshots are saved in Different Minecraft Versions, which entails different

screenshots directory for different Minecraft installations.

Simply click on “Installations” to view a list of all the versions of Minecraft You’ve got


Next, hover Over any of these Installments, then click open the folder (folder icon) That

appears. This will open that specific Minecraft folder you hovered on.

Now what you do next is take a bit careful Eye search For another folder tagged


Next, Click the gear icon located at the edge left of your screen on the FTB app.

Make sure to get the “instances” tab selected. Then look for the “instance location” labeled


Lastly, all you’ve got to do to get is right is Finding and opening the right folder in

correspondence to the Right mod pack.

Finding screenshots from Minecraft bedrock edition

For bedrock versions of Minecraft, I.e the windows 10 and 11 versions, ability to take

screenshots  Elton John Bennie and the jets using in-game controls had been switched and outsourced to the game bar.

By default, the game bar saves users screenshots to Game Bar saves screenshots to


This is where all your screenshots should be found.

Not there ?? Oops. My bad, or let’s say your desktop’s bad, smiles.

In such scenario, your capture location have been most probably changed.

What you’ve got to do now is opening the game bar by hitting windows +g  or you could type

“game bar” into your search on the start menu, then clicking open.

Now click on “see my captures”.

Next, click on the small folder Icon a bit below. Game bar will automatically launch file

explorer to open the folder in which your screenshots are saved.

Lastly, I’d think its important to note that you could also take screenshots with steam, if you

had added any version of Minecraft to it.

You  can simply check your steam screenshot folder for your captures instead of having to

go to the Minecraft or game bar directories.

Hope you found this helpful hun?? Pretty sure you did. Go techy tech is the new school!

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