[music ] Young Rae bla’k and alive mp3 download

Young Rae bla'k and alive mp3 download

Black activist and rapper, Young Rae has come through again with this consciousness Music tagged ‘bla’k and alive ‘

Young Rae bla'k and alive mp3 download

This track is coming after his last track that brought him to the limelight, ‘101 reasons ‘ ft jos based rapper, Vjay…

Download young Rae bla’k and alive and update your playlist, issa banger… Enjoy fun time!!!

MP3 Download

lyrics to young Rae’s bla’k and alive 👇 


Fred (if you black you tumina, yeah if you black or you fair.. But just from Africa you air like everywhere ..one taking now


[rae: “it’s one taking, you know..


‘Migraine, migraine everyday pains in my brain, looking for the break in, black man, white dreams ‘


‘Searching for what it takes to be acce’pted, to feel free but loosing consciousness of the black me, the real me’ like


‘Black is beautiful, now that’s a fact, but black brada’s been ashamed of their skin, that’s f**king sad ‘

Melanin,the community’s I’m happy being part

Waking up alive, in this skin is something to be proud of ‘ ugh!


Hook (okoye)

Ohhh ohhh I woke up black and alive

Ought.. I woke up bla’k and alive


Fred [in background ] ‘send me away look for me again ,I’m so dead.

Born in again, black in my strength,push me away, I stiffle in pain, waking up great, black in my veins,

Second verse :


Black man wake up and refuse this ‘

When they’re in your land, expatriates, when you in theirs refugees..

You can’t win this war with guns, brother knowledge is the new fist 👊

Show em strength and valor that they only see in movies…


Check this out ‘ you’re star, you are strong.

You are bold.. Last as f**k, momma’s pride, your skin black, your skin bold ‘


Where you from, skin is strong, don’t grow old, don’t sunborn, black is beautiful.. We are one, you African ?? You never alone mhen..


Mother why you tryna change your skin? ‘

You black as the earth and mother of ery’ting ‘

So next time, I wanna hear you speak, not with inferiority complex, but speak like, like you some college dean.. [you hear me!! ]



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  1. I just hope you get to be listened internationally, people don’t appreciate good music, especially Hip Hop in Nigeria.. Great music 🎤

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