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Lord dérïght best rapper

The race for supremacy in the adamawa hip hop industry is still on, and talented hip hop artiste, young rae(lord deright) as dropped his own reply to the challenge, attesting that hes the best rapper in ad city… 

Lord dérïght best rapper

Download his version of the best rapper in ad and judge…. Enjoy fun time !!




Read Lyrics to lord’s deright best rapper in adamawa version below.. 🔽 🔽 

Gets grip, coughs: ‘lord deright on your vest niqqur’

Beast : ‘for The culture ‘

🔽 🔽


‘After c’6 Niggas think they got me in a fix’



‘Best rapper in ad city no one can take the crown from me’

”Rapper this rapper that many keyboard warriors in this fight”

‘Your bars too slim nigga you’d let a prisoner out ”

“The question is, is the hood feeling u or u just feeling yout self”

“Last time I asked Google bout you it said oops no idea”


D’ you rap or pop, cos nairabany doesn’t sound rapping, just confused as a coded text, magine a rapper with name ovan 1phone x”


” Miracle is what I sound like, (ogbeni give am wheelchair) , your favorite rapper no fit stand mic, ”

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Alaye My punches dey shake dem, alaye na palwine, badman, every line came to them ‘a shock omo na power line..

“Is this rap game there’s only the best no equal,”


“These rappers get high in every bar, but the flows came in no liquor..”

The’y getting scared like o Jeezz save us from this demon, or he’s gon kill us’ Niggas been on fake ices but their bank account dey read 4 figures..


‘Who’s yo best rapper?? Him no dey my top 5’

I for like cal name, but omo n a to cause fight ‘

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