SKYHAWK – 21-66 MP3 DOWNLOAD + lyrics

SkyHawk 21-66

Skyhawk 21-66

Itz khing skyhawk also known as the airboy has brought to the table, another emotional hit, this time in solemn gratitude to all mothers around the globe.. Download skyhawk 21-66 exclusively on naijaplaylist..

It will be recalled that the pop star went boom!!  When his track ‘roll ‘ hit the airwaves.. The song which went viral, got him nicknamed ‘afro pop sensation ‘which still sticks to him to this day.. #afropopsensation also was a hash tag that was on twitter ‘TRENDING ‘for two good days, now that’s a feat whoa!!!

Sorry for keeping y’all on your nerves as it is said ” the flavor of the pudding is in its taste”,


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Read lyrics below

Intro: baby……… na


All through my life Oo….


(Verse 1)

Moma thank you for your unfailing love

Moma I can’t never gets to thank you all

For the times you left your all to be my backbone

Even all may run away from me

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I’m very sure moma you are always there for me

I’ll never wants much more

You will always be by side

I will never imagine living without you

your always on my mind till the day that I die….


(Pre chorus)


Moma I love you

Your superb fantastic my best friend a guidian my baby

I love you

You are superb I cannot live

Without you

Yes I love you

Your my best friend a guidian

Yes I love you moma I love you

Yes I love you….







Mama stay with me tonight Oo….

Mama stay with me all through my life Oo…..

Moma you’ve been there by my side Oo….

Even All those times wey I dey fall your hand……



(Verse 2)

Lord take me too let me make her proud

For the times you starve for me to eat three times

For the times you don’t go out for me to spend well

Moma your love is undiscriminated the hope you have in me is stronger than a mountain Cliff


its wider wider than a ocean view

moma never gets tired of me

Moma never loose hope since from the first day

She had hope I will breath again…..

She do trust I’d do be good again……..

I’m living for you

Im crazy for u

and i’ll be dying for you

Yes I love you my baby

I love you……



Mama stay with me tonight Oo…

Mama stay with me all through my life Oo..

Moma you’ve been there by my side Oo….

Even All those times wey I dey fall your hand..


(Fade out)

Baby na…….

Ooooowhooah …..

All through my life oo…


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